Insider Thinks an Astrobot Game is Happening This year

A new Astrobot game for PSVR2 would make my year


Games Industry Insider and Game Mess host Jeff Grubb has said he has heard that an Astrobt game is happening this year.

Speaking on his Game Mess podcast (via Radec on Twitter), Grubb said “I’ve heard maybe Astro does happen this year.”

Grubb was discussing Sony’s recent earnings announcement in which CEO Hiroki Totoki said that the company would not be releasing any new titles from existing major franchises this year. Sony CEO Totoki mentioned God of War Ragnarok and Spider-Man 2 as being existing major franchises.

Grubb rightly points out that although these franchises are “major” for Sony, in the sense that they sell millions of copies (Spider-Man 2 recently hit 10 million), the likes of Astrobot is probably not a major title in Sony’s eyes. Especially if it is, as all PSVR2 owners are hoping, a new Astrobot game for PSVR2.

PlayStation Studio Team Asobi is supposed to be working on a new Astrobot game, presumably for PSVR2. Or it could be a hybrid game perhaps. The studio previously developed PS5’s Astro’s Playroom and PSVR1’s Astrobot: Rescue Mission.