Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Multiplayer Not Cancelled but is “On Ice”

Time to defrost

The Last of Us multiplayer concept art

The last we heard about Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Multiplayer game was a message from the developer telling fans that it needs more time. Now in an article by Kotaku revealing lay-offs at the Uncharted and The Last of Us developer, a source has told Kotaku that the game is apparently “on ice.”

Kotaku’s article talks about 25 contractors (contractors not full-time employees) who had been laid off. The main meat of the story is well a non-story really as contractors are probably laid off all the time – when their contracts expire. But as the gaming industry is suffering from waves of lay-offs at the moment, Sony’s first-party Studios had to be dragged into it. Even though it’s probably not actual lay-offs but most likely just contracts coming to an end and not getting renewed.

The Last of Us multiplayer comcept art

Contractors being laid off aside, the news about The Last of Us Multiplayer game is certainly disheartening. Sources tell Kotaku however that the game is not completely cancelled but is “On Ice.” The phrase On Ice, to me would mean that the game is on hold pending re-boot perhaps.

Bloomberg previously reported that the game had not been cancelled but resources had been moved to other projects. According to Bloomberg, Naughty Dog has been working on The Last of Us multiplayer game for about 4 years. It was originally supposed to be a multiplayer add-on to The Last of Us Part 2 but grew into a standalone game.

Naughty Dog stated earlier in the year they would share more details about The Last of Us Multiplayer. But of course that never materialised. At their recent The Last of Us Day celebrations, Naughty Dog said they would not be talking about any future game projects.