Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Multiplayer game Needs More Time

The game has been scaled back but not cancelled

The Last of Us multiplayer concept art by Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Fans have been looking forward to hearing more about Naughty Dog’s new The Last of Us multiplayer game for a while now. Naughty Dog said we would be hearing more news about the exciting project this year but now it looks like there may have been a setback.

Posting to Twitter a couple of days ago the developer says that “as development has continued, we’ve realized what is best for the game is to give it more time.”

The Twitter post was apparently in response to an article published by Jason Schreier at Bloomberg which claims that Sony has “slowed down” the development of the game as they reassess its quality and long-term viability.

According to the Bloomberg article Bungie, which Sony acquired last year for $3.6 billion was tasked with evaluating PlayStation’s portfolio of live-service games. The article states that Bugnie questioned The Last of Multiplayer game’s ability to keep players engaged for a long time. This led to the reassessment of the project by Sony.

Bloomberg claims its sources have said that although the game has not been cancelled, the development has been scaled back and a lot of developers have been moved to other projects. A small team of developers is still working on the game.

The news that the game has suffered this setback and ultimately a delay is certainly sad news for The Last of Us fans. However, there is positive news in that Naughty Dog says they are also working on a new single-player game.

Source: Twitter, Bloomberg