Sony Trademarks Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet, a Possible New PS5 IP

Sony trademarks name for a possible new IP. Could it be Naughty Dog’s rumoured sci-fi game?

Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet

PlayStation brand owner Sony Interactive Entertainment has trademarked “Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet” in the US, Europe and Australia Gematsu has reported.

The trademarked name, or wordmark describes it as being video game software. So this could mean that Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet could very well be a new game IP for PS5.

The Application was filed in the US on February 12th, 2024. The European trademark application shows that that the trademark was filed on February 14th.

Interestingly, the European application just seems to be for the word “Intergalactic”. Whereas the US application is for the words “Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet.” It could be that “Intergalactic is possibly a new game franchise with The Heretic Prophet being the first game in the series. Video Games and films that are part of a series usually have subtitles such as Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune or Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Sony hasn’t announced any upcoming game with this title, yet but it certainly sounds interesting. Intergalactic means between galaxies, so whatever this trademark is for sounds like it could be some kind of space-faring game or RPG.

Could Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet be Naughty Dog’s Stray’s Cross sci-fi IP?

For several years now, it has been rumoured that The Lst of Us developer Naughty Dog has been working on a new sci-fi IP. The title was being developed under the codename Stray’s Cross. A five-year-old leak states that the final name has not been decided. Maybe Intergalactic The Heretic Prophet is this new Naughty Dog IP?

We’ll need to wait and see.