New PS5, PSVR2 & PS4 Games Coming This Week 11 – 15 September

All the new games coming to PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 this week

New PS5 PS VR2 PS4 games coming out this week

This coming week is absolutely jam-packed full of new PS5, PS VR2 and PS4 game releases. Particularly on Thursday 14th September when there are, by my count, 11 new games coming out. There’s definitely something for everyone this week whether you play on PS5 or PS4 or if you prefer escaping into a world of Virtual Reality on PS VR2.

The big two games this week though are The Crew Motorfest and Mortal Kombat 1.

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The Crew Motorfest is the third game in The Crew series from Ubisoft. Motorfest includes a stunning new playground to explore with more vehicles than you can shake a stick at. You can even import your collection from The Crew 2. Expect plenty of content, challenges and things to do when Motorfest season 1 kicks off with the game’s launch.

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Mortal Kombat 1 features an all-new fighting system, game modes and fatalities as the Mortal Kombat universe is reborn. There’s also an immersive story campaign for you to fight through featuring your favourite Mortal Kombat characters like you have never seen them before. Oh, and Jean Claude Van Damme is in the game as well.

For PlayStation VR2 fans there are six VR games coming to Sony’s next-gen VR headset this week. Alvo VR might be high on a lot of people’s wishlists – it’s a fast-paced, competitive online VR shooter that has been described as COD in VR. But it enters a genre that is starting to get overcrowded on PS VR2 and has competition from the likes of Pavlov, Firewall Ultra and the recently released Crossfire: Sierra Squad.

Alvo VR isn’t the only PS VR2 shooter coming this week. Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded arrives on the PlayStation VR platform on the same day as Alvo. So the two games will be battling it out for your hard-earned cash.

If you prefer your VR games to be a bit more chilled out then there’s also The Finest Scenery VR and You, Calligrapher to choose from.

Check out all the PS5, PS VR2 and PS4 games coming out this week below.

New PS5, PSVR2 & PS4 games coming out this week September 11th to 15th 2023

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