Pixel Ripped 1995 PS VR2 Launch Delayed to October 3rd

QA delays are the reason for the date slip

The enhanced PS VR2 version of Pixel Ripped 1995 has been delayed until October 3rd. Developer ARVORE has stated that a delay in the QA process is the reason for the release date slipping.

“ARVORE, the Emmy Award-winning VR studio behind the acclaimed Pixel Ripped franchise, is thrilled to announce that the fan-favourite second instalment in the series, Pixel Ripped 1995, will postpone the launch of its enhanced port for the Playstation VR2 until October 3 due to¬†unexpected delay¬†in the Quality Assurance process.”

Pixel Ripped 1995 was supposed to release tomorrow, Tuesday 12th September so this delay is rather unexpected and very short notice. The game is not showing up when searching on the PlayStation Store.

There are several other PS VR2 games due out this week however to scratch your VR itch until Pixel RIpped 1995 launches in October.

Pixel Ripped 1995’s PS VR2 version is an advanced port, Here are some of the PS VR2 features you can enjoy when the game comes out on October 3rd.

  • Enhanced Performance and Graphics
    The game now delivers fluidity and sharpness like never before. Leave the constraints of 60fps behind and elevate your gameplay with an amazing 120fps experience!
  • Head Rumble
    With the groundbreaking headset rumble feature on PSVR2, players will be able to feel the action and tension of each moment and get even more immersed in the story!
  • Adaptive Triggers
    The introduction of adaptive triggers adds an entirely new dimension of immersion. With this special rumble feature, players will be able to experience the game with the enhanced touch and motion sensors in the all-new PSVR2 controller!

Let’s hope it doesn’t get delayed again.