New PS5, PSVR2 & PS4 Games Coming This Week – 18th to 22nd September

All the new games coming this week to PS5, PS VR2 and PS4

New PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games coming this week

This coming week is yet another fairly busy week for new game releases. There are plenty of new games coming to PS5 and PS4 and if you are a PS VR2 owner a few VR games are coming out this week too.

In terms of bigger name releases, this week will see the highly anticipated co-op shooter Payday 3 launch. In Payday 3 you’ll come out of retirement and back into a life of crime. Team up with friends to execute the perfectly planned heist.

Also coming out this week is a souls-like inspired by the Pinnochio story Lies of P. IN lies of P you play as Pinnochia as you wind your way through a devasted city while crafting weapons and taking on some really tough enemies and bosses. Lies of P sounds like it will be quite a popular game, especially for Souls fans.

Hellsweeper VR key art
Hellsweeper VR comes to PS VR2 this week

A Veritable Feast of VR Games is coming this week

If you are a PlayStation VR 2 owner then you are in luck this week as a few VR games are coming as well. Broken Edge is a VR sword duelling game in which you embody one of nine fighters and challenge other players to some thrilling duels in eye-popping, dreamlike landscapes.

If you are in the mood for a VR action RPG then RUINSMAGUS: Conmplete has you covered. The game is set in a beautiful anime-inspired fantasy world and comes with all previous content. It’s been updated for PS VR2 and will include headset vibrations and 3D audio.

The VR game that might be most popular this week is Hellsweeper VR. In Hellsweeper you descend into hell and take on the role of an undead mortal. Team up with your friends to take on hellish enemies, defy the limits of movement and master your weapons and elemental magic.

Sounds like quite a few exciting games to look forward to this week whether you like playing them on a TV or you like to don the VR headset and step into worlds of Virtual Reality there’s something for everyone. Check out the full list of PS5, PSVR2 and PS4 games coming this week below.

PS5, PSVR2 & PS4 Games Coming This Week – 18th to 22nd September 2023

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