PS4’s Dreams to Lose Curation Support but No Plans for it to Go Offline

Will add front-page playlists to make sure content get’s filtered to regular players

Dreams key art

Media Molecule has announced that Dreams will be losing its curation support but there are no plans to take the game-creation game offline.

PS4’s Dreams will be losing curation support from April Media Molecule has announced. The news comes because some of the team were affected by the recent PlayStation Layoffs.

Announcing the news on X/Twitter and in a more in-depth blog post, Media Molecule said that they will be making changes to Dream Surfing and DreamShaping that will “filter new content through to regular players.” With Media Molecule plans that Dreams becomes a “self-sustaining platform.”

In April last year, Media Molecule announced that live support for dreams would be ending. However the developer promised ongoing community and curation support for Dreams. But due to the redundancy consultation processes, Media Molecule has now said that they will be unable to keep some of these promises. The Curation Team are the last members of Media Molecule to be affected by redundancy.

With live support for DreamShaping and DreamSurfing ending in mid-April, Media Molecule have announced that new playlists will be introduced providing recommendations based on what you have recently played in Dreams.

Dreams new playlists

While live support for DreamSurfing and DreamShaping will end in mid-April, this will coincide with the launch of new playlists alongside spotlighting the Dreams Recommender playlist providing tip-top recommendations based on what you’ve recently played in Dreams. Overall, the plan here is ensuring that Dreams transitions into a self-sustaining platform, with these changes helping to filter new creations through to regular Dreams players whilst creators reach their deserved audience for their games, animations, music and everything inbetween.

Media Molecule also sought to address fans’ concerns that Dreams might, one day, simply go offline. Resulting in the loss of a lot of hard work and people’s amazing creations. “While it’s impossible for anyone to predict what the future might hold, we want to reassure you today that there are currently no plans to take Dreams offline.” Media Molecule said.