PS5 Dominates Europe In September With Sales Up 175%

Europe loves the PS5

PS5 console and DualSense next to map of Europe

Sony’s PlayStation 5 Continues to dominate the European console market has reported. Console sales were up by 38% in Europe in the 4-week period of September when compared to the same period last year. Overall, 416,000 consoles were sold across Europe in September the website’s data suggests.

This increase in console sales on the European continent was driven by the PS5. With sales of the console up by 175% when compared to the same period the year previous. It is worth bearing in mind that there were still stock shortages of PS5s in September 2022. also reports that strong sales of PS5’s DualSense controller were a driving factor in increased console accessory sales across the continent.

Spider-Man 2 key art and PS5 slim consoles

PS5 sales will no doubt get an additional boost this month and in the run-up to Christmas. Spider-Man 2 launches today and the recently announced PS5 Slim consoles are expected to be released in November in the US. It is not yet known when the PS5 Slim will be released in Europe however.

Big first-party PlayStation games like Spider-Man 2 are always huge system sellers. So you can expect a bump in PS5 sales along with sales of the game.