PS5 Game Boost Video Shows Players That PS4 Games Run Better On PS5

PS4 games can access PS5 power

PS5 Game Boost

PlayStation has published a new video trailer for PS5 called Game Boost. The 19-second long video aims to show current and prospective PS5 gamers that Sony’s current-gen console can provide faster and smoother frame rates on select PS4 and PSVR games.


The short video shows some nice God of War footage and lets players know that PS4 games can use the power of PS5.

Of course, God of War, the hit PS4 game which released in 2018 has already had a performance patch for PS5. There are many other PS4 and PSVR games that have enhanced performance on PlayStation 5.

PS5 Game Boost Logo

If you are interested in finding out which PS4 games run better on your new PS5 console, you might want to check out this handy list compiled by PlayStation Universe.

You can also browse over 900 games on the Backwards Compatible website, which has a database of all PS5 compatible PS4 games. As well as information about frame rates and other enhancements.