PS5 Pro ‘Enhanced’ Label Could Mean Games Need To Run at a Constant 60 FPS at 4K

Games will also get the enhanced label if they add or increase ray tracing or offer other enhancements

PS5 Pro logo

New details about the rumoured PS5 Pro‘s ‘Enhanced’ labelling for games have emerged. Working in the same way as the PS4 Pro Enhanced label that ships with games enhanced for the PlayStation 4 Pro, the PS5 Pro Enhanced label will be a sign that a game has extra features or enhancements that take advantage of the PS5 Pro’s beefier specs.

The latest news on the PS5 Pro comes from Insider Gaming, who has been leaking a steady supply of new info on the rumoured mid-gen PS5 refresh for a while now. According to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, who claims to have seen internal Sony documents on the new labelling, PlayStation wants future games to include a new PS5 Pro graphics mode.

Henderson says the new graphics mode will combine the following things:

  • PSSR (PlayStation’s Spectral Super Resolution) to upscale resolution to 4K
  • A constant 60FPS
  • Add or increase ray tracing effects

According to the Sony documents, the PS5 Pro RAM will be 28% faster than the original PS5. The Pro will also have a 67% larger GPU, and 45% faster. Sony’s documents also state that these combined specs make the PS5 Pro 45% faster than the regular PS5 console with twice the rendering speed.

Insider Gaming goes on to explain that the PS5 Pro Enhanced label might also be given to games that can offer certain other enhancements. These enhancements include:

  • Increased target resolution for titles that run a fixed resolution on the standard console
  • Increased target maximum resolution for titles that run at variable resolution on the standard console
  • Increased target frame rate for titles that target a fixed frame rate on the standard console
  • Inclusion of PS5 Pro Raytracing effects

Sony has yet to officially announce the PS5 Pro even exists, so right now it is all just a rumour