PS5 Slim Now Available to Order in the UK, Launches on 29th November

THe new slimmer, lighter PS5 models hit UK shores

PS5 Slim consoles with UK Union Jack flag in the background

The new PS5 Slim is now available to pre-order in the UK and it releases on November 29th.

Sony has put the PS5 through a rigorous exercise regime and helped it trim a bit of weight and mass. The new slimmer, lighter PS5 model has been reduced in volume by 30% and its weight has been reduced by 18% and 24% compared to the OG model.

Here’s how the dimensions compare with the original PS5 that launched in 2020 [Android Authority].

  • Disc version (2020 model): 104 (height) x 390 (width) x 260mm (depth)
  • Disc version (Slim): 96 x 358 x 216mm
  • Digital Edition (2020 model): 92 x 390 x 260mm
  • Digital Edition (Slim): 80 x 358 x 216mm
PS5 slim consoles

It’s not just size and weight that differs on the PS5 Slim. In a teardown video, it was found that the PS5 Slim is slightly quieter than the original but has the same power consumption. The position of the ports on the back has also changed. The PS5 Slim also has an attachable disc drive. This means that if you buy the digital version and want to buy and play disc games at some point, you can just buy a separate disc drive and attach it to your console.

The only downside with the attachable disc drive is that it requires an internet connection to pair with your PS5. This has led to game preservationists becoming concerned about games potentially becoming unplayable in the future.

In the UK, you can pre-order the Slim from PlayStation Direct. With the disc version costing £479.99 and the digital edition costing £389.99. It should also become available at regular retailers at some point.

If buying your first PS5, don’t forget to check out some PS5 game deals from Amazon’s Black Friday sale. They are also selling a couple of DualSense controllers for £38.99.