Silent Hill 2 Is Now up for Pre-order on Amazon UK with Placeholder Date

Official release date announcement could be coming any day now

Silent Hill 2 key art

Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake for PS5 has no official release date from publisher Konami yet. But more pre-orders are starting to pop up across various online retailers, meaning a release date announcement could be coming very soon.

A day or two ago social media and various news outlets were buzzing with news that Silent Hill 2 had appeared on some US retailer’s websites for pre-order. and GameStop both have pre-order pages up for the highly anticipated PS5 remake.

But even without an official release date announcement from Konami, it seems that there is hope that an announcement could come any day now.

screenshot of SIlent Hill 2 PS5 listing on Amazon UK showing price and placeholder release date

PlayStation Fanatic has spotted Silent Hill 2 for PS5 is now up on Amazon UK for pre-order. This is a very recent listing as there is no pack shot image. Interestingly, the Amazon UK page lists a price of £59.99 for the remake, whereas the site does not list a price and says that the item is currently unavailable.

Amazon UK also has a pre-order button and a release date of 31st December 2023. But this is just a placeholder date.

With Amazon UK listing a placeholder release date for Silent Hill 2 does this mean that Konami is close to announcing the actual date? Very possibly, but whether the game actually launches this year or early next year remains to be seen. Personally, given the time of year it is, I would bet on an early 2024 release.

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A remake 20 years in the making

The original Silent Hill 2 was released in 2001 for PlayStation 2. The remake revisits the main protagonist James Sunderland and his search for clues in the namesake town, after receiving a mysterious letter from his wife Mary… who has long been dead.

The PS5 remake was announced just over one year ago during the SIlent Hill Transmission event last October. Developer Bloober Team, who are renowned for their horror games such as Layers of Fear and The Medium have said that they want to keep the remake true to the original. But at the same time, they want to modernise the game and gameplay for a new audience.