Sony Interactive Entertainment to Acquire Gaming Headphone Maker Audeze

Acquisition will strengthens SIE’s innovation in PlayStation games audio

Sony Interactive Entertainment logo and Audeze logo

Sony Interactive Entertainment has published a press release announcing that it will acquire gaming headphone maker Audeze.

Audeze is a California-based technology company that specialises in making high-end headphones for gaming.

In the press release, SIE said the acquisition will “strengthen SIE’s efforts to continue innovating when it comes to the audio experience of PlayStation games.”

“Audeze is a premier brand for headphones, and this acquisition highlights Sony Interactive’s focus on innovation and providing the best audio experience to PlayStation players,” said Hideaki Nishino, Senior Vice President of Platform Experience at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The terms of the acquisition including how much PlayStation forked out to buy Audeze have not been disclosed.

Audeze will continue to operate independently and will still make multi-platform products the press release states. But the audio tech company will benefit from being a part of the PlayStation ecosystem.

Sony has recently announced that it will be launching two new PS5 audio accessories. The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore. The Pulse Elite is a wireless headset and the Pulse Explore is a pair of wireless earbuds. Both new audio accessories will use PlayStation’s new PlayStation Link audio technology and will have planar magnetic drivers.