Specs Have Leaked for Sony’s Rumoured PS5 Pro

Rumoured specs for the rumoured PS5 Pro which is rumoured to release next year

PS5 Pro logo fan made

Sony’s rumoured PS5 Pro has had its specs leaked ahead of developer kits for the Pro being sent to third-party developers. Rumours of the PS5 Pro and its beefed-up specifications have been flying around since at least July.

Back in July, it was rumoured that the PS5 Pro had an internal codename of Project Trinity and had been in development at Sony since early 2022 [Source]. On Friday, a resetera thread for the PS5 Pro was updated with new information.

The rumoured PS5 Pro specs sheet posted to Resetera includes a lot of technical details about the Pro’s rumoured specs. The information also claims that the PS5 Pro will be revealed in September 2024.

Earlier today, well-known leaker Tom Henderson (who accurately leaked the detachable disc drive on the PS5 Slim) posted to X to say that Sony is “expecting full specs to leak this month because of dev ket distribution to 3rd party studios.”

Website Videocardz.com has also posted about the rumoured PS5 Pro specs, citing various sources. In their report, Videocardz thinks that the PS5 Pro will be released in November 2024. A WCCFTech article, which Videocardz cites, also reports on the rumoured PS5 Pro specs and essentially says that the Pro will have 60% better raster (Rasterisation) performance and 2 x the Ray Tracing performance over the current pS5 model. (If I have understood the tech stuff correctly.)

Videocardz.com have also produced a handy comparison table comparing the rumoured PS5 Pro specifications with that of the current PS5 and the Xbox consoles.

PS5 Pro Specs

Comparison table showing how the rumoured PS5 Pro specs compare to the PS5 and Xbox consoles. Credit Videocardz.com
Credit: Videocardsz.com

The PS5 Pro is also rumoured to feature a 2 TB PCIe SSD but it is not known if this will be the ‘internal’ storage of if it will just come with an M.2 SSD pre-installed for extra storage.

If you are looking to see the full rumoured PS5 Pro specs, then X user Zuby_Tech has laid them out in a handy infographic below.

From what I can gather, it does seem highly likely that Sony does plan on releasing a mid-gen refresh with a PS5 Pro. Apparently, first-party and second-party developers and publishers have had Pro dev kits for a while. And if Tom Henderson is accurate Sony is about to or recently has sent dev kits to third parties.

If the rumours of the PS5 Pro are true then we should start getting more concrete information very soon.