PS5 Pro Dev Kits Look Just Like the PS5 Ones

Developers could have PS5 Pro development kits already

Photo of a PS5 Development Kit

The Dev Kits for the PS5 Pro look just like the Dev Kits for the PS5 according to leaker Tom Henderson on Twitter.

Known internally as Project Trinity, the PS5 Pro is for now a rumoured mid-gen refresh of the PS5. Much like Sony did with the PS4 Pro. Specifications for the PS5 Pro began to leak late last year and a more recent report says that third-party publishers have already been shown these specs.

An analyst speaking to CNBC in February said that the PS5 Pro is likely to launch this year. Sony has yet to officially announce the existence of the PS5 Pro.

So what’s the big deal about the Dev Kits? Well, not much really, how they look has no bearing on consumers. But, if Tom Henderson has seen, or has been shown leaked pictures of a PS5 Pro Dev Kit, then it means dev kits have been sent to developers already.

Sony has still to officially reveal the PS5 Pro so as of now it may or may not even exist. Only time will tell.