Spider-Man 2: How to Get the Raw Meat in The Flames Have Been Lit

A meal fit for a Russian Tiger bodyguard

Spider-Man 2 screenshot

The Flames Have Been Lit is a fairly lengthy mission in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It sees Peter Parker infiltrating Kraven’s Hunter operations to try and get the serum to cure Dr Connors and turn him back into a human.

At one point in the mission, Peter finds himself in the middle of a Hunter party where he has to masquerade as a waiter. A bit later Peter finds that Kraven’s bodyguard Dima is actually a huge Tiger. Peter then has to get a piece of Raw Meat and stuff it with a tranquillizer to put DIma the Tiger to sleep. So that Peter can investigate the office that Dima is in.

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Now it took me a while to figure out how to get the Raw Meat, Turns it is actually quite easy but I was doing it the completely wrong way apparently.

The Raw Meat is sitting on a table in the middle of a room, surrounded by Hunters. I thought I could ceiling hang down and grab it but the game, for some reason does not let you do this.

The game won't let you ceiling hang down to grab the rawmeat

If you try to ceiling hang down to grab the meat, the L1+R1 prompt will quickly disappear. You just can’t seem to grab the meat this way. I am not sure if this is simply a bug or maybe I am not quite at the correct angle to grab it for some reason. Peter at one point does mention getting to the right angle to grab the meat.

The trick to getting the Raw Meat is to actually use the Web Line gadget which you acquired early on in the story.

You can perch yourself above the table on either side and then use the web line. Just make sure the web line extends directly above the table with the raw meat. Peter can then walk along the web line and grab the raw meat when the L1+R1 prompt shows.

Grabbing the raw meat using the web line

The web line certainly seems like the best and easiest way to get the meat.

Spider-Man holding the raw meat for Dima the tiger

Once you have the raw meat, you just need to get the tranquillizer from the sleeping hunter. Then you can go and feed the tranquillizer-laced meat to Dima the tiger and send them into a deep slumber.