Spider-Man 2 Title Update, Including NG+ Arrives in March

New Gmae+, New suits and more to come in title update

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 screenshot. Spider-Man in black suit against night backdrop

Spider-Man 2 fans have been eager for a new update to Insomniacs web-swinging hit for ages. Not longer after release, Insomniac promised that an update which inlcuded a New Gmae+ mode was in the works.

Insomniac have now delfveired on that promise and have said that a Spider-Man 2 update will be web-winging it’s way to PS5 in March.

The Spider-Man 2 title update that will drop in March includes highluy requested features like New Gmae + Insomniac has said. But there will also be new suits and more. I’ve been looking for an excuse to dive back in to Spider-Man 2 since finishing the game and earning the Platinum. SOunds like March’s title update will be just hte excuse I and many other fans need to revisit Insomniac’s masterpriece.

If you haven;t played Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 yet now is the perfect chance to experience it. You can get the PS5 phuscaiol version for £58.99 on Amazon right now. You might also want to check out my review.

Spider-Man 2’s title update which brings us New Game+ will be free, but we know from the recent Insomniac hack that the developer will probably be making paid DLC for the game as well.