View Your Gaming Achievements This Year WIth PlayStation Wrap-Up 2023

Check out your PlayStation accomplishments for the year

PlayStation Wrap Up 2023 graphic

PlayStation Wrap-Up for 2023 is now available. Each year PlayStation lets you check your gaming achievements and statistics for the year. With PlayStation Wrap Up you can see a summary of your PlayStation gaming achievements for the year.

The Wrap Up will tell you things like how many games you have played this year, how many hours you have played, your top games played, how many trophies you have earned and a lot more.

screenshot from PlayStation Wrap Up 2023 showing digital collectible

If you have signed up for PlayStation Stars, the wrap-up will also tell you how many digital collectables and points you have earned. You can also redeem a cool 2023 PlayStation Wrap-up avatar and you’ll get a cool spider-bot digital collectable.

You can check out your gaming stats and achievements for the year by logging in to PlayStation 2023 Wrap Up here.

Check out some of my PlayStation Wrap Up achievements below.