VR Survival Horror Propagation: Paradise Hotel Terrifies PS VR2 Owners In October

Don’t expect the Marriott and room service

Propagation: Paradise Hotel screenshot

Propagation: Paradise Hotel, a VR survival horror from Virtual Reality developer WannaDev Studio has finally gotten a release window on PS VR2.

Announcing the news on Social Media (Discord I think) and spotted by a Reddit user, the developer says that Propagation: Paradise Hotel will be available on PS VR2 in October.

WannaDev did not divulge a specific date in October but the game can currently be wishlisted on the PlayStation Store.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel is a single-player adventure in which players take on the role of Emily Diaz, who is desperate to find her sister and is trapped in the Paradise Hotel, which is populated by terrifying creatures. Players will be immersed in an immersive horror experience that combines infiltration, exploration, survival and action in a particularly hostile universe. Each weapon, tool or item the player collects must be used judiciously to progress in the story.

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It’s possible that we might see some PS VR2 gameplay from Propagation: Paradise Hotel on tonight’s State of Play.