19.3 Million PS5 Consoles Have Been Sold Since Its Launch

Despite the PS5 being in short supply, it doesn;t seemt aht far behind PS4’s sales

PS5 disc and digital editions

PS5 manufacturer Sony has just released its financial results for the financial year 2022. The Japanese company’s results show that the PS5 has sold 19.3 million units since its launch in November 2020.

The PS5 has been in high demand but in short supply since its launch. Primarily due to chip shortages and other global supply chain issues.

PS5 unit sales from Sony financial results

Data provided by Sony’s financial results show that the PlayStation 5 sold 7.8 million units in the financial year 2020. And 11.5 million units in the financial year 2021. Even though PS5 sales have been hampered by the aforementioned chip shortages and supply chain problems, the PS5 really isn’t that far behind the PS4 for the same time frames.

According to Statista, the PS4 had sold 22.3 million units by April 2015, meaning the PS5 is currently only 3 million units behind the PS4.

The sales figures above also show that sales of the last-gen PlayStation 4 have been slowly declining as the user base hits its peak and gamers opt for the more powerful and newer PS5.

Sony PlayStation 5 consoles

Sony expects to ship 18 million PS5’s in this financial year

Although PS5 consoles have been in short supply since the console’s launch in 2020, there is some good news on the horizon. Sony’s Chief Financial Officer, in a statement to investors, has said that the company forecasts 18 million PS5s will be sold in the financial year 2022 (April 2022 to March 2023.) This means that they have to manufacture and distribute at least 18 million PS5s to achieve this target.

11.5 million PS5 consoles were sold in the financial year 2021, so this would be an increase of 6.5 million units.

Our unit sales forecast for PS5™ hardware is 18 million units, a number based on our current visibility into parts procurement.

So this is good news for anyone struggling to find a PlayStation 5 as it seems that Sony expects more to be available in the coming year.