6 Tips if You’re Just Starting out in God of War

Some handy tips if you’ve just started playing God of War

God of War is an amazing game, I’ve just reviewed it and gave it a 10 out of 10, it’s really that good.

If you’ve just bought God of War and are just starting off in the game, heres 5 handy tips to help you when your starting out on your epic adventures with Atreus.

1. Run over Barrels

God of War tips - Run over Barrells

When you’re in Midgard and rowing about on the open waters, heading to your next epic battle you may notice some wooden barrels floating in the water. These wooden barrels are a great source of Hacksilver so make sure to smash them by ramming them with you’re boat. Also when you’re out on your boat, don’t forget to look out for Yggdrasil’s Dew, these are the tear drop looking things that hang from some tree branches when your on the water. Pressing circle when near a dew drop will prompt Atrius to collect it. Yggdrasil’s Dew will automatically increase one of your states such as strength, defence, luck or cooldown.

2. Break all the vases

God of War tips break the vases

When you’re exploring an area or heading to your next objective, you will probably see these vase looking things dotted around the place. Breaking these can net you some Hacksilver and some can also grant you a healing stone. Useful if you’re in the middle of battle.

3. Always Look Up

God of War tip always look up

Another good source of Hacksilver and some other items is the bucket things you can find hanging from the ceiling in certain locations. Throw the Leviathan Axe at them to send them falling to the ground and then collect the loot. Another good reason to always look up in God of War is to find solutions to certain puzzles. Whether it be a rune symbol for a nornir chest or just a piece of a puzzle, it’s always worthwhile looking up in God of War.

4. Don’t forget about Atreus

God of War tips Atreus arrows and abilities

When I was a good bit in to God of War and facing the many enemies the game throws at you, I would sometimes forget all about Atreus and forget to use his arrows and abilities to help our with the fight, so don’t forget to use Atreus’ arrows by pressing square, his arrows can come in really handy to injure and stun enemies. You can also use Atreus’ runic summons by holding down square. Atreus will then summon something to help you, like crows or wolves that attack nearby enemies. Different runic summons will be picked up during gameplay.

5. Remember to upgrade Atreus

God of War tips upgrade Atreus

Atreus’ abilities can come in very handy when Kratos is facing some tough enemies but you can easily forget to upgrade his skills. You should upgrade Atreus’ skills at the same time you’re upgrading Kratos. Having Atreus upgraded will help you out with the tougher enemies.

6. Buy a Resurrection Stone

God of War tips Ressurection Stones

Resurrection Stones are unlocked as you progress through the game. There are three tiers of Resurrection Stone, Simple, Superior and Berserker’s. You will unlock each type of stone the further you progress in the game.

So why should you have a ressurection stone? God of War has some very tough enemies, especially in the endgame if you are attempting to kill all nine of the Valkyries. Each different type of ressurection stone will allow Atreus to revive Kratos on death (by pressing sqaure when prompted), the simple stone revives Kratos with a small amount of health, the superior stone revives Kratos with a large amount of health and the Berserker’s stone revives Kratos with a small amount of health and a full Rage meter.

There’s nothing worse than getting a tough boss down to a slither of health then having it whoop your ass until your dead and then having to start the entire fight again. With a resurrection stone you can be revived and hopefully you will finish off that boss.