Rumour: The Original God of War Trilogy Might Be Getting A Remaster

The original God of War trilogy might be coming to PS5

Screenshot showing Kratos as portrayed in the original God of War game trilogy

Sony sure does like their remasters as do a lot of video game companies. I suppose remasters are a lower-cost way to re-introduce a game to the market and a quick way to make some money than creating a brand new game from scratch. In January Sony will be bringing The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered to PS5 and if the latest rumour is to be believed, Sony will also be remastering the original God of War Trilogy.

This OG God of War trilogy remaster rumour comes from Shpeshal Nick a prolific gaming insider who hosts the XboxEra podcast of all things.

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In the latest podcast episode which was streamed live on YouTube, Shpeshal Nick says “I’ve heard that we might be getting the OG God of War trilogy remastered.” Nick explains that he is not sure if this will be a 2024 release or a 2024 announcement with a 2025 release. But both he and co-host Jeff Grub expressed excitement at the possibility of getting a remaster for the original God of War trilogy.

You might find it a bit odd that an Xbox guy is talking about PlayStation rumours, but apparently, Shpeshal Nick has been accurate about rumoured PlayStation games in the past.

The podcast hosts didn’t seem to have much more information on this rumoured remaster. They weren’t sure if it would be a “straight-up port of what we got on PS3” or if it would be a bit more of a substantial remaster with modernised controls, etc.

Key art for the original God of War trilogy. God of War (2005), God of War 2(2007) and God of War 3(2010)

The Orignal God of War Trilogy

The original God of War trilogy was developed by Santa Monica Studio and consists of God of War, released on PS2 in 2005, God of War 2, released on PS2 in 2007 and God of War 3, released on PS3 in 2010. God of War 3 got a PS4 remaster in 2015.

It’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility for the original God of War trilogy to be getting a remaster. The Last of Us was released on PS3, got remastered on PS4 and then got remade on PS5.

There is also the upcoming God of War TV series. Although the series sounds like it follows the story of God of War (2018) it would make sense for Sony to release the remastered trilogy around the same time as the show.

The God of War trilogy remaster is presumably in development by Satna Monica Studio. The studio recently gave God of War fans God of War Ragnarok Valhalla, a free roguelike mode for God of War Ragnarok.

The original God of War games are some of the best games to ever grace a PlayStation console. It would be amazing to replay these again with remastered graphics and modern controls. We’ll need to wait to next year to see if this rumour turns out to be true.