God of War DLC or “Half Sequel” Rumoured To Be In The Works

Could Atreus be getting his own God of War game in the form of a standalone expansion?

God of War Ragnarok screenshot

God of War Ragnarok was undoubtedly one of the best games to launch last year. The Epic sequel to 2018’s God of War saw Kratos and Atreus team up once again to take on all comers and try to stop Ragnarok. Fans have been wishing for more God of War, maybe even some DLC. And if recent rumours turn out to be true, they may just get their wish.

This new rumour states that God of War developer Santa Monica Studio is currently working on what could be DLC for Ragnarok. Or perhaps even a half sequel. What is a half sequel I hear you ask? Well, a game like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is considered to be a half sequel. It’s smaller in size and scope than a full release in the series and doesn’t feature the series’ main character Nathan Drake. But it isn’t a DLC either and is more like a standalone game, or spin-off if you will.

This latest rumour comes from Twitter user ViewerAnon (via Games Horizon) who claims that Santa Monica Studio is working on a DLC or “half sequel.”


It’s not the first time a God of War DLC has surfaced. Infamous leaker and insider The Snitch previously tweeted that a God of War DLC was happening. The Snitch’s original Tweet seems to have disappeared but a cached version is still available via Google.

Screenshot of cached God of War DLC tweet by The Snitch

These “Half Sequels” are sometimes called Glorified DLC and fans have differing opinions on them. Personally, I quite like them. The Half Sequel offers a way for fans to enjoy their favourite gaming series in a smaller more compact game. Standalone expansions of half sequels are also usually a bit cheaper due to their smaller scope and it’s a good way to play your favourite games while waiting for another full release in the series.