Assassin’s Creed Origins The Hidden Ones: Lost Cause Papyrus Puzzle Solution

Finding this hidden treasure won’t be a lost cause with this guide.

Welcome to my third Papyrus Puzzle solution in Assassin’s Creed Origins The Hidden Ones expansion. It’s great the Ubisoft brought Papyrus Puzzles back as they are a great way to get some amazing loot and are pretty fun to figure out.

This solution is for the Lost Cause papyrus puzzle. Lost Cause hidden papyrus can be found at Shur Quarry which is in the northern part of Madiama Nome.

Take alook at the video guide below or read on for the text and image guide.


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Once you are at Shur Quarry, you need to climb to the upper level where you will see a hut/shed looking thing. The hidden papyrus is sitting on a table inside this hut. Take a look at the screenshots above for a better idea of where to look.

The cryptic clue for the Lost Casue papyrus puzzle reads: “Northeast of the Shur Quarry is a testament to man’s folly, where they built two short walls to capture what cannot be caught. Though their target flows in and out at will, I am stuck in the centre of their useless trap.”

From the cryptic clue we can deduce that the treasure is probably hidden somewhere in water (flows in and out at will). Luckily, there is water all around the quarry and a small stream leading in a northeastern direction from the quarry which looks like it leads to a reservoir or something.

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Jump into this water and head in a northeastern direction away from the quarry. Keep heading up the stream and you will eventually come across the two short walls mentioned in the clue. You will also see that familiar glowing, glimmery sight letting you now that you have located your hidden treasure. The treasure is in the center of the two short walls.

Loot your treasure and hopefully you get something good.

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