Guerrilla’s Horizon Online Game Has Not Been Cancelled Journalist Says

Still in developemtn but might not just be over the Horizon

Screenshot from early development footage of Guerrilla Games' Horizon Online game

This week saw about 900 staff laid off at various PlayStation studios, and with the layoffs came the cancellation of some games. Among the games to be cancelled, according to reports are a Twisted Metal game and presumably London Studio’s live-service fantasy game. London Studio will close completely according to a Sony press release.

One currently in-development game that has not been cancelled is Guerrilla Games’ upcoming Horizon Online Game. That’s according to Jason Schreier, the Bloomberg journalist who broke the story on the PlayStation layoffs earlier this week.

When asked by a user on Twitter if Guerrilla’s Horizon online game was one of those cancelled, Schreier simply replied ‘No.’

Writing in Sony Interactive Entertainment’s corporate blog, PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst said “We looked at our studios and our portfolio, evaluating projects in various stages of development, and have decided that some of those projects will not move forward.”

Thankfully, it seems that Guerrilla Gamess’ Horizon online project was not one of those.

In January last year, very early gameplay footage of Guerrilla’s Horizon online game leaked. It showed cartoony, Fortnite-like graphics and several aspects that were similar to Horizon Forbidden West.

Although Guerrilla Games has revealed the existence of the Horizon Online project, it has yet to share anything else about the game.

Guerrilla Games was one of the studios affected by the recent layoffs and reportedly lost about 40 staff members.