Horizon Forbidden West Virtual Photography

Horizon Forbidden West’s awesome photo mode makes for some striking Virtual Photography

Horizon Forbidden West virtual photography

Horizon Forbidden West launched yesterday, the game sees Aloy brave the Forbidden West in an effort to save the world. I have managed to put a good few hours into the game already and I am enjoying it immensely.

Aside from the fantastic storytelling, excellent combat and the general awesomeness of the game, Horizon Forbidden West is also great for some virtual photography.

Horizon Forbidden West comes with a full-featured photo mode which is a dream come true for all you Virtual Photography enthusiasts out there. The game looks absolutely stunning and I’m not just talking about Aloy. There are plenty of environments and opportunities to frame some really great looking screenshots. I am not even that good at using in-game photo mode but I think I have taken some nice screenshots so far.

Simply Aloy

Aloy is certainly very photogenic. With her stunning good looks, fiery red hair and perfect figure. Here’s some screenshots showing simply, Aloy.

Aloy the action hero

There’s certainly no shortage of combat or action in Horizon Forbiddebn West. Our Aloy comes equipped with an attitude and the skills to handle even the toughest of foes. Whether it be man or machine, there’s no beating Aloy when she gets down to business.

Aloy, in black & white

Horizon Forbidden West’s photo mode offers a wealth of different colourisation options. But I find the black & white ones are perfect for focusing on Aloy’s beauty.

I have a ton more screenshots captured in Horizon Forbidden West’s photo mode. I’ll need to take the time and sort through them and pick out the best ones. Check back later for some more Horizon Forbidden West Virtual Photography.