How to Open Photo Mode in Tomb Raider 1 Remastered

There’s So Much to Remember Here

Tomb Raider remastered screenshot. Lara Croft holding dual pistols

Tomb Raider I – III Remastered is out and it’s great. It brings back fond memories of playing the original Tomb Raider on PS One. As well as the visual enhancements that come with the remastered trilogy, developer Aspyr has also added some nice modern features to the remastered games. One of which is a photo mode.

In Tomb Raider I remastered there is actually a trophy for opening photo mode called There’s So Much to Remember Here. Thankfully, opening photo mode and getting this trophy is rather straightforward.

When in the game simply press L3 and R3 at the same time to open the photo mode, it;s that easy.

The photo mode in Tomb Raider remastered is pretty basic but it has photo mode staples like field of view. You can even change Lara’s pose, outfit and the weapons she holds to capture the perfect pic of Lara Croft.