Light No Fire is the New Game from No Man’s Sky Dev Hello Games

Hello Games reveals their new game set on a fantasy planet the size of Earth

Light No Fire key art

This year The Game Awards was pretty good, with lots of surprise announcements and reveals, like God of War Ragnarok’s free DLC. Another big surprise was Hello Games founder Sean Murray revealing that the No Man’s Sky developer has been working on a new game for the past five years.

The game is called Light No Fire, a game about adventure, building, survival and exploration. It’s set on a fantasy planet the size of Earth and when I say the size of Earth, supposedly it is a 1:1 scale. That’s pretty huge. Not as massive as No Man’s Sky quintillion planet universe but still pretty big. Check out the announcement trailer for Light No Fire below.

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Light No Fire Gameplay

Apart from what has been shown in the trailer not much else is known about the game so far. From the official website, we know that it will have the depth of an RPG and the freedoms of a survival sandbox. Hello Games fans have been hard at work breaking down the trailer and fans have spotted things like magic combat, crafting and a ton of other stuff.

Light No Fire screenshot

From the trailer, we also know that there will be flying mounts such as huge dragons and birds. Fans have also spotted land mounts like some deer-looking things and dinosaurs. It kind of looks like Light No Fire will be a mixture of RPG mechanics with combat, base building and exploration. Sounds pretty good to me.

Light No Fire planet will be big

During a conversation with Geoff Keighley on The Game Awards stage, Sean Murray stated that they wanted to create “an Earth”, “a planet that is as varied as the Universe” and “bigger than Earth.” Sean went on to say that the game will have huge mountains, “not video game mountains but mountains that are miles high.”

From what Sean has also said the planet in Light No Fire will have no boundaries and will be completely explorable.

Is Light No Fire multiplayer?

It does seem that Light My Fire will be a multiplayer/co-op type of game. It could be an MMO of sorts well you can see lots of different players in the game world at the same time.

The trailer shows a group of maybe 3 or 4 players standing on a mountainside or cliffside. There is also a scene with some players swimming underwater together. Another scene shows several characters walking together. The characters seem to be dressed for battle with shields on their backs.

So, yes, it does look like Light No Fire will mostly be a multiplayer game but hopefully, you can play it solo as well.

When does Light No Fire release? And is it coming to PS5?

There is no release date or release window yet for Light No Fire. There is also no PlayStation Store wishlist page yet but there is a wishlist page for Steam. Fans think that the launch of the game probably isn’t too far off considering it has been in development for five years. It could certainly be released next year or in 2025.

As for it coming to PS5, so far a PC version has only been confirmed but it is presumed it will also come to PS5. A PS5 version seems highly likely considering No Man’s Sky was launched on PS4 and Hello Games has a good relationship with Sony (Sony first published No Man’s Sky on PS4).

Light No Fire looks like it could be a pretty amazing game. Hello Games have certainly learned from No Man’s Sky not to overhype or exaggerate, so when more info comes out it will be pretty what you see is what you get.