No Man’s Sky 7th Anniversary Video Teases the Next Update called ‘Echoes’

Happy 7th anniversarry No Man’s Sky, may your space exploration resonate for 7 more

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No Man’s Sky, the amazing space game from Hello Games has recently celebrated its seventh anniversary. To celebrate, Hello Games posted a video to YouTube that showcases all the amazing updates the game has had since it launched in 2016.

As well as reminiscing about past updates to the procedurally generated space game, the video also teases a new update called Echoes.

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As well as the event anniversary video, Hello Games founder Sean Murray also shared a short message for the No Man’s Sky community.

Watching the video back I feel a little overwhelmed by the journey we’ve been on over those years.

Seven years ago, for the first time, we watched players all over the world begin to explore the universe we had created. I can’t describe what that felt like. It was already the culmination of five previous years of very hard work for our tiny team (the average team size was just 6, and at launch was just 15).

We knew this was the start of a journey, but never expected what a wild ride it would be. I’ve been working on this game for nearly a third of my life, and it’s been more successful than we ever planned or dreamed. It hasn’t always been easy, but the thing that has been our guiding star throughout has been the players and the community. Behind every update, every video, every feature and line in a patch note is a team that cares so deeply for this game.

There is still a lot we want to try, so much we are still excited for. The next step on that journey is not far off. We’ll have more to share on ECHOES with travellers very soon.

The last seven years, and of course the development years leading up to launch, would not have been so successful without your support, and we want to thank you for being on this journey with us. Our journey continues. Thank you so much for your support.

Sean Murray

Since its release in 2016, No Man’s Sky has had 23 named updates and a lot of other updates and bug fixes. Including adding VR support for PS VR and PS VR2.

In case you are wondering, here are all the No Man’s Sky updates so far…

  1. Foundations
  2. Pathfinder
  3. Atlas Rises
  4. Next
  5. Abyss
  6. Visions
  7. Beyond
  8. Synthesis
  9. Living Ship
  10. Exo Mech
  11. Desolation
  12. Origins
  13. Next Gen
  14. Companions
  15. Expeditions
  16. Prisms
  17. Frontiers
  18. Sentinel
  19. Outlaws
  20. Endurance
  21. Waypoint
  22. Fractal
  23. Interceptor
  24. Echoes – To Be Released

What will No Man’s Sky’s Echoes Update Entail?

No Man's Sky Echoes logo

I am not really willing to hazard a guess as to what the Echoes update could bring to No Man’s Sky but several users of the No Man’s Sky subreddit think that it could be an update to the ancient ruins you can find on planets.

Another user thinks it will be to do with the Korvax – an alien race in No Man’s Sky.

Personally, I would love to see more story added to the game, if the update is indeed about the Korvax then that should certainly provide for a rich, deep storyline. Apart from that, I would love to see on-foot combat with more than just Sentinels. Imagine escaping from some pirates in your ship, you fly into a planet’s atmosphere, and unable to escape you decide to eject and land on the surface. But the pirates follow you on foot and you have to engage them in battle. I can only dream.

Source: YouTube / WCCFTech