Outriders Demo To Hit PS5, PS4 on 25th February

Get a taste of this new RPG shooter

Outriders publisher Square Enix has announced today that a free demo of their upcoming third-person RPG shooter will be available on all platforms on the 25th of February.

That means PS5 and PS4 players who are interested in this sci-fi shooter will be able to experience a tantalising tidbit of the game when the demo drops onto the PlayStation store.

The Outriders demo will give players a “first-hand look at the dark story and diverse feature set that has been crafted for the game.” according to the Square Enix press release.

The character you create and play with during the demo will also be able to be seamlessly migrated to the full game when it releases on April 1st Square Enix has said.

Outriders PS4 PS5 demo

The latest trailer for Outriders was released a couple of weeks ago and is called ‘Mantras of Survival.’ The trailer gives a brief overview of the combat and what it will take to survive on the planet of Enoch where the game is set.


From what I have seen of Outriders so far it looks pretty interesting and appears to have some nice looking graphics and fast-paced action. The game is a single-player or co-op shooter and will require an always-online internet connection, but it won’t be like a live service game according to the developers.

There’s definitely a bit of a Destiny and perhaps The Division vibe about Outriders. Both of these games had fantastic shooting mechanics, let’s hope Outriders also has spot-on shooting. I guess we’ll find out when the demo drops.

The Outriders demo is due to land on the PlayStation store on February 25th so be sure to check it out.

The full game is scheduled to launch on April 1st, 2021 which is April Fools day. Let’s hope that’s not an ominous sign.

Outriders (PS5) Day One Edition on Amazon

Outriders (PS4) Day One Edition on Amazon