PlayStation Is the Only Console Maker That Will Allow Horror Game Christmas Massacre on It’s Platform

Xbox and Nintendo wouldn’t allow the game on their consoles

Christmas Massacre key art

Fans of 80’s slasher horror movies will be in for a treat on November 17th. Horror game developer Puppet Combo is bringing its stealth slasher game Christmas Massacre to PS5 and PS4.

Christmas Slasher was previously released on Steam almost two years ago. The 80’s inspired PS1-style horror game is making its way to PlayStation in a couple of weeks. According to the developer, this is because PlayStation is the only console platform holder who will allow it.

Sony has a bit of a reputation for censoring video games. The PS5 maker censored the horror game Martha is Dead last year. And they have censored many other games as well, according to Fandom.

But it seems like it is XBox and Nintendo doing the censoring as they won’t allow Christmas Massacre on their consoles.

Christmas Massacre certainly sounds like a pretty brutal and gory game. But the graphics are, well like something from the PS1. So nothing is even that realistic. Probably nothing worse than you would see on Family Guy or something like that.

Check out the trailer below to decide if the Christmas Massacre warranted censorship from Zbox and Nintendo.

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It may not just be the horror and gore that made Xbox and Nintendo censor the game. There seem to be drug references as well. According to the game’s description, the main character Larry is told to kill all the naughty people by his Christmas tree. Sounds like Larry has been partaking of some illicit, hallucinogenic substances perhaps?

Image: Puppet Combo on X

Christmas Massacre can be found on the PlayStation Store and you find Puppet Combo on Patreon. You can relive those 80s slasher movie moments when Christmas Massacre lets loose its bloodlust on PS5 and PS4 on November 17th.