PlayStation Releases God of War Ragnarok Development Blooper Reel Video

Midgard Mishaps

God of War Ragnarok blooper screenshot, Kratos Moonwalking

PlayStation’s official YouTube channel has just published a hilarious blooper reel of God of War Ragnarok development mistakes, mishaps and weird glitches.

PlayStation previously published a similar video for God of War (2018) called Midgard Mishaps. This new video called God of War Ragnarok – Midgard Mishaps 2 is equally hilarious.

The 3-minute and 31-second long video shows hilarious glitches and other weird things from God of War Ragnarok pre-development gameplay. One clip shows Kratos performing Michael Jackon’s famous dance the Moonwalk. Check out the video below and prepare to split your sides.

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God of War Ragnarok was released in November 2022. Recent reports claim that a DLC or half-sequel for Satna Monica Studio’s critically acclaimed game will be announced this year.