God of War Ragnarok DLC Will Reportedly Be Announced This Year

Report claims DLC or spin-off game is real and will be revealed at this years The Game Awards

God of War Ragnarok screenshot

A DLC for Santa Monica Studio’s God of War Ragnarok will be announced at the end of the year. That’s according to the Spanish website Areajugones.

A God of War Ragnarok DLC or half-sequel/spin-off has been rumoured previously. The Arejugones report first mentions that this is a DLC. However, later in the report they surmise that the DLC or expansion could become a “medium-sized game”, or a half-sexual if you like. Something akin to Spider-Man Miles Morales or Uncharted The Lost Legacy.

Both of these games can be considered half-sequels or spin-offs as they are not as big in length or scope as full games. And did not have the series’ main character as playable.

A God of War Ragnarok DLC could expand into a medium-sized game like Uncharted The Lost Legacy

God of War Ragnarok DLC or Spin-off is a reality report claims

The Areajugones report cites reliable sources close to Sony who have provided information about this DLC. “The thing is that I got a few minutes ago a whiff of sources close to Sony whose data I have been able to contrast and corroborate in such a way that, in the absence of official confirmation from the company, I can say that they come from a reliable place.” The report states (Machine translated from Spanish.)

As this information has apparently come from a reliable source close to Sony, the report believes that the DLC or spin-off game will become a reality. Areajugones believes that the DLC or spin-off will be announced at the end of this year, possibly at the upcoming The Game Awards 2023 show.

My personal opinion is that a God of War Ragnarok spin-off is very likely. With a smaller game, it will take less time to develop and cost less to develop. A standalone game is probably more beneficial to get people into the franchise. With a DLC, you would need to already own the game to play it. But with a standalone spin-off game, well you wouldn’t.

I guess we’ll need to wait until December 7th when The Game Awards is broadcast to see if this report comes to fruition.

Source: Areajugones