PlayStation Stars Has Added A New Level After Level 4

PlayStation Stars hits a whole new level

PlayStation Stars logo and background

If you have been signed up to PlayStation Stars since its launch, you might be at level 4 by now. If you are at level 4 you might have noticed that your level does not increase any more. However, it seems at some point recently, PlayStation Stars has added another level above level 4, level 5 probably.

I was checking some PlayStation Stars campaigns to complete yesterday when I noticed that the completion circle around my level 4 was no longer complete. On checking a bit more it looks like PlayStation Stars has added another level.

PlayStation Stars screenshot of level 4 with completion circlea third of the way tot he next level

The completion circle that tells you how far you are to the next level has moved. It was now a third of the way to level 5.

When I tapped on my level, it took me to the current level screen, where I had previously maxed out the full game purchases and rare and above trophy requirements for level four. Now it was telling me that I had still to make two full-game purchases and earn another 91 rare and above trophies.

PlayStation Stars current level screen showing full game purchases and rare and above trophies

On the above screenshot, it says Level 4 until January 2025. I suppose that is when they might increase the level again. Every few days I check PlayStation Stars on the app to see what new campaigns have launched. I did not notice this level change in January, so my only assumption is that the new level has been added recently. Or maybe I’m just special.

The PlayStation Blog’s recent post detailing February’s campaign did not mention anything about a new level. Neither did January’s PS Stars campaign article.

A Whole New Level

Wherever this new PlayStation Stars level has come from I am pretty happy about it. PlayStation Stars has been pretty great since it launched. I even managed to get a £20.00 wallet top-up a few months ago just by completing campaigns for points and buying the odd PSVR2 game from the PlayStation Store.

If you haven’t signed up yet you definitely should. Some of the digital collectibles are pretty cool and you can get a free wallet top-up just by completing campaigns, buying some games and earning points. If you buy digital games regularly then you should have PlayStation Stars.