PlayStation VR2 Is Now Available on Amazon UK

PS VR2 is now available everywehre

PS VR2 headset, controllers and bundle box

When PSVR2 first launched it was only available to buy from PlayStation Direct. But now, as of May 12th, it is now available from retailers worldwide. Including Amazon UK.

Amazon UK has both the base pack and the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundles available.

The base PS VR2 pack includes the headset and two Sense Controllers. The Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle also comes with a digital download code so you can redeem the game via the PlayStation Store on your PS5.

The basic pack costs £529.99 and the Horizon Call of the Mountain Bundle costs £569.99. Each bundle also comes with headphones with 3 different earbud sizes, the USB C cable to connect to your PS5 (connected to the headset) and the usual documentation.

Amazon UK is also selling the Sense Controller charging station which I highly recommend to keep your controllers charged and ready to go. The Sense Controller Charging Station is priced at £39.99.

If you have never tried VR before it is something that you should absolutely experience. Gaming is just so different in VR and with the right games, it will probably be the best gaming experience you’ll have. Check out upcoming and already-released PS VR2 games here.

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