PS VR2’s Walkabout Mini Golf Trophy List Includes a Platinum

Mini golf, massive fun

Walkabout Mini Golf

Walkabout Mini Golf, developed by Mighty Coconut is coming to PS VR2 on May 11th and includes 16 courses to play as well as private matches with up to eight friends. Walkabout Mini Golf is a VR mini-golf game where you can escape into a world filled with some of the most fun and beautiful mini-golf courses you have ever seen.

You can play solo or with your friends while trying to sink holes in one and eagles. You can search for your lost balls, unlock hidden clubs or just take in the views. It might be mini-golf, but it’s sure to be massive fun.

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A not so mini Trophy List

Walkabout Mini Golf’s trophy list contains a total of 20 trophies, including a Platinum. Check out the entire trophy list below.

Mighty Coconut (platinum)
Unlock all trophies

Albatross (Gold)
Score 3 under par on a single hole

Birdie Game (Gold)
Score -18 or better on any course

Target Master (Gold)
Hit all the targets in the driving range

Legend Status (Gold)
Complete 8 Hard courses with Par or better

Master Status (Gold)
Complete 6 Hard courses with Par or better

Professional Status (Gold)
Complete 3 Hard courses with Par or better

Semi-Pro Status (Gold)
Complete any Hard course with Par or better

Amateur Status (Gold)
Unlock all base game hard courses

Novice Status (Silver)
Unlock any base game hard course

Ace (Silver)
Get 3 holes in ones

Eagle (Silver)
Score 2 under par on a single hole

Under Par (Silver)
Complete a course under par

Iron Putter (Silver)
Score 1000 points on a driving range challenge

Missing Link (Bronze)
Unlock a new putter

Executive Course (Bronze)
Complete any front or back 9 course

Snowman (Bronze)
Finish a hole with 8 stokes

Mulligan (Bronze)
Undo a shot in practice mode

Fore! (Bronze)
Hit the ball out of bounds

First of Many (Bronze)
Complete any hole

The trophy list looks like it might be pretty straightforward, which means it could be an easy-ish Platinum trophy. Although it does seem that some trophies will require a bit of skill mixed with some luck.

Walkabout Mini Golf tees off on PlayStation VR2 on May 11th.

Trophy list source: PSNProfiles