PS5 Accounted For 51% Of All Console Sales in the UK in the Last 6 Months

The PS5 rules Britannia

PS5 console standing vertically and the UK union jack flag

UK console sales data reported by shows that the PS5 accounted for 51% of all console sales in the UK. This is over the last 6-month period from May 2023 to October 2023.

Over the last 12-month period from November 2022 to October 2023, PS5 had a share of 43% of all console sales in the UK. The company that compiles the sales data, GfK says that the increase in PS5 sales is due to several factors.

“Recent PS5 highlights coming from unrestricted sales on the standard PS5 hardware model, aggressive price promotions in July and August, and the recent EA Sports FC 24 bundle,” GfK told

GfK data suggests that PS5 sales are up 100% elsewhere on the continent in some European countries. At the same time, the PS5 continues to drive console sales growth globally.

Sony’s latest sales figures show that PlayStation 5 has sold 46.5 million units globally since its launch. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which launched on October 20th has also sold well, shifting 5 million units in 10 days of release.

Sony has just released a new PS5 model, unofficially dubbed the PS5 Slim. The new model has just become available today on PlayStation Direct in the United States. As for when the PS5 Slim will land on European shores? Sony has just said it will roll out globally “in the coming months.”