PS5, PS4 X/Twitter Sharing Ends But X Wants to Explore New Integrations

Inlcuding live-streaming to X from your console

PlayStation logo with blue background on the left, X logo with black background on the right

It seems that X/Twitter sharing from your PS5 or PS4 console has now officially ended. A week ago it was reported that X/Twitter integration on PlayStation would be removed on November 13th. Although it didn’t actually get removed on the 13th, Twitter sharing has now disappeared.

PlayStation hasn’t given a reason for removing X/Twitter sharing on PS5 and PS4. But earlier this year, Twitter (before it became X) did drastically increase the price of their enterprise API packages. Making it rather expensive for companies to access Twitter’s API.

screenshot of PS5 share screen showing that the Twitter option is now removed
Sharing screenshots to Twitter is no longer possible on PS5 and PS4

Of course, we don’t know if cost was the main reason for PlayStation deciding to remove X/Twitter integration but it could certainly be a part of it.

For PlayStation fans who used to share a lot of screenshots to X/Twitter, there is some hope on the horizon. An X developer, posting under an official X account has said that the company has reached out to PlayStation to explore new integrations. Including live-streaming.

Whether Sony and PlayStation do re-instate X sharing on PS5 and PS4 consoles remains to be seen. But with this avenue of sharing gone, it does leave very few options for PlayStation fans to share their screenshots directly from the console.

If you are an avid virtual photographer and enjoy taking cool screenshots with game photomodes, the only option you have is to share them outside of your console. Either by copying them to a USB drive or by uploading them to the PS app and sharing them with your phone.