Sony is Ending X/Twitter Sharing on PS5 & PS4

X/Twitter integration ends on November 13th PlayStation notification says

PS5 share screen and X logo

Update 09.11/23: I have still not gotten this notification from PlayStation about Twitter integration ending. However, Elon Musk has said that he will look into it.

Quick Update: I still haven’t received this notification from PlayStation about Twitter integration ending. Maybe it is only affecting certain regions.

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Looks like Sony is another company pissed off at billionaire Elon Musk for some reason. The PlayStation platform holder is apparently ending its X (formerly known as Twitter) integration on PS5 and PS4 consoles.

In an on-console official PlayStation notification seen by Insider Gaming, Sony says that integration with X will end on November 13th.

As of November 13, 2023, integration with X (formerly known as Twitter) will no longer function on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. This includes the ability to view any content published on X on PS5/PS4, and the ability to post and view content, trophies, and other gameplay related activities on X directly from PS5/PS4 (or link an X account to do so).

I checked my own PS5 notifications and did not see the message from PlayStation, so at the time of writing, it cannot be confirmed. And Sony has thus far not officially announced this via any other channels.

With X/Twitter integration ending, users will no longer be able to share screenshots and video clips directly to X/Twitter via their PS5 or PS4. However, you will still be able to upload your PS5 captures to the PlayStation App and share them on X/Twitter that way.

What other options are available to share screenshots directly on PS5?

Once X/Twitter integration disappears none really, as mentioned above, you can set screenshots and video clips to auto-upload to the PlayStation App. You can then share them on social media via your phone. Of course, you can also do it old-school and copy your game screenshots to a USB drive. Pop the USB drive into your laptop and share them like that.

screenshot of the PS5 linked services screen

If you do plan on sharing screenshots and game clips to X/Twitter via your phone or laptop, remember to use the #PS5Share hashtag.

We’ll update this story more if Sony releases an official statement.