PS5 UK Sales: The PS5 Is the UK’s Favourite Console

Sales are high despite lack of stock

PS5 UK Sales

The PS5 is the UK’s favourite console sales figures unearthed by game statistics site suggests. The PlayStation 5, which launched last November, was the best selling console in Britain in March the data says.

The PS5 was also the best selling games console in the UK in February.

The PS5’s UK sales have already outnumbered that of the Wii U, The Dreamcast and Sony’s own PlayStation Vita.

These sales figures are staggering, particularly due to the fact that the PS5 is still pretty difficult to get a hold of.

217,268 games consoles were sold in the UK in March according to the VGChartz data. It is not stated exactly how many of that number were PS5’s but it is safe to assume that PlayStation 5’s accounted for a large percentage of that figure.

VGChartz’ data also states that 1 million games were sold in the UK in March 2021.

The PS5 is still pretty difficult to find in the UK, and elsewhere in the world. With most of the coveted consoles ending up on eBay and being sold by scalpers. The PS5 certainly looks set to have a strong year and if the first few months are anything to go by, it might just outpace PS4 sales by the end of if its lifecycle.