Sony Announces Project Q – A Remote Play Streaming Handheld

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Project Q

One of the big surprises from the PlayStation Showcase on Wednesday was the announcement of Project Q. Project Q is a handheld console that enables PS5 remote play over wifi.

The new PlayStation handheld was announced by PlayStation chief Jim Ryan, here’s what he had to say about it.

At PlayStation innovation is our passion and that applies to not just what games you play but how you play them. Later this year we will launch a dedicated device taht enables you to stream any game from your PS5 console using remote play over Wi-Fi”

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Project Q was actually previously leaked well ahead of the PlayStation Showcase. But of course, we didn’t;t know if it was actually real until it was announced on Wednesday.

Project Q looks like an elongated DualSense controller with an 8-inch HD screen sandwiched in between the two handles where the touchpad would normally be.

Earlier this year Sony did announce that they wanted more synergy between Sony group companies. We’ve already seen the Synergy between PlayStation and Sony Pictures. Now it looks like PlayStation is synergising with Sony mobile and have merged an Xperia tablet with the DualSense.

My first reaction is that Project Q for a handheld does not look all that portable. From the short trailer, the Project Q looks almost as big as the PS5 if you were to stand it up on its end. As my rather rubbish Photoshop job below shows.

Project Q (or whatever it’s final name will be) is launching later this year, so I am sure we’ll hear plenty more about it before then. But if this thing isn’t less than £200.00, maybe even less than £150.00 I really don’t see this taking off.