Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Now Playable After Patch

Data corruption error has been fixed and trial is playable

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin trail now playable after patch

You may have been trying to play the trial version of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin that went live on the PlayStation Store yesterday. I downloaded it as well to see what it was all about, but unfortunately, it seemed that the trail was unplayable for pretty much everyone.

When trying to start the game, PlayStation fans were faced with a Data is Corrupted message and the game failed to start.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fatnasy Origin corrupted data message on PS5

Three times I tried to download and play the trial version of Square Enix’s action RPG. All three times the same problem occurred.

Luckily though, a patch has been released which resolves this problem and the trial version of the game is now playable.

Announcing the patch via Twitter, the official account for Strangers of Paradise Final Fantasy Origins says that patch version 1.03 makes the trails version fo the game playable.

If you have already downloaded the game, then you can just apply the update to play it. If you deleted it from your PS5 then it will work when you re-download it.

Stranger of Pradise Final Fantasy Origin screenshot in-game

Stranger of Paradise Fina Fantasy Origin is an action RPG and a bold new vision for the Final Fantasy series according to tot the press blurb. I’ve played for about 10 minutes or so and it feels a bit like a Demon’s Souls game or Nioh. Definitely feels like it will be difficult although there is an easy mode and an option for a more casual gameplay experience.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is due to hit PS4 and PS5 sometime in 2022.