ACO The Hidden Ones: How to Get the Hammer of Ptah Mount

Get this awesome mount by completing The Killer Shadow side quest

There’s a shiny new, pretty awesome looking mount you can get in Assassin’s Creed Origins The HIdden Ones expansion. The mount in question is the Hammer of Ptah and it’s pretty bad ass looking.

It is a legendary mount with some cool looking Roman headgear. The mount is pretty easy to get, all you have to do is complete The Killer Shadow side quest.

Read on for a quick run down of what you have to do in the quest or watch the video below.


The Killer Shadow quest can be started by going to Klysma Quarry is Klysma Nome. Enter the underground part of the quarry and you will see the quest marker. The quest will start as soon as you read the letter that is lying on the table.

ACO the hidden ones the killer shadow quest

When you pick up the letter the quest will start, you can hold down the options button to track it.

The next step in the quest is to speak to the slave in Seshat’s Grotto. Seshat’s Grotto can be access via Klysma Quarry. You may have to kill two soldiers who are standing in a corridor thenbreak down a wooden door which was behind the soldiers.

Go and speak to the slave in the grotto and you will see that he calls Bayek ‘The Killer Shadow’. The slave kid tells Bayek of a slave merchant and Bayek vows to kill this slave merchant.

the hidden ones the killer shadow quest hammer of ptah mount

The next step of the quest is to find and assassinate Harwa, the slave merchant. There will be a quest marker for him in Arsinoe Nome. Open up your map and fast travel to the sync point at the Temple of Thoth.

Once you have arrived at the fast travel point, wait around for a bit and you will be prompted to call in Senu to locate the target. Locate the slave merchant then chase after him.

the hidden ones the killer shadow quest

The slave merchant has a few guards on horse back with him who are about level 42, they shouldn’t be too difficult to deal with if you are above this level. Take out the guards and then take out the slave merchant who is riding the cart with the cage on it. The slave merchant is level 43.

Once you have killed the slave merchant you then have to release the captured slave kid who was being held captive in the cage. Once you free the kid the quest will complete and you will be rewarded with your shiny new Hammer of Ptah mount.