The PlayStation Store Appears to Be Down (All Issues Resolved)

PlayStation Store is down

PlayStation Store Icon

The Issues affecting the PlayStation Store and some other services seem to be fixed now.

Users on Reddit are reporting that the PlayStation Store is currently down although the PlayStation Status page reports that all services are up and running.

A user on r/PS5 reported the issue about 15 minutes ago and other users responded to confirm that they too were having an issue with PlayStation Store.

It is currently unknown if the issue is just affecting certain regions or if the problem is worldwide. PlayStation Fanatic can confirm that there is an error when trying to buy something from the UK PlayStation Store via the PS5 console.

PlayStaion Store error message

I received the above error message when trying to buy a game just a few moments ago.

The PlayStation Store is still browsable but the problem seems to be with buying something from the store. Users are also reporting issues trying to play their downloaded games and restore licenses.

byu/hybroid from discussion

The official @AskPlayStation Twitter support account has not Tweeted about the problem yet nor have any other official PlayStation Twitter accounts.

We’ll keep you posted as this story develops.

Update: Just on the off-chance, I also checked the PlayStation Store on the PS4 and I am also getting an error when trying to buy something. Error message below.

PS4 PS Store error message

Update 2: The issue also appears to be causing an error when trying to stream a game from the PlayStation Plus catalogue. There does not appear to be any issues downloading games from PlayStation plus though.

PlayStation Plus streaming error

Update 3: The PlayStation Store is still down with issues affecting purchases, playing digital games, restoring licenses and streaming from the PlayStation Plus game catalogue. No official comment from Sony as yet. is also confirming reports of the PlayStation Store / PSN being down, with the bulk of reports coming in the last couple of hours.

Downdetector graph showing number of reports of PSN/PS Store outage in last 24 hours

Update 4: The PlayStation Store and all other affected services appear to be up and running again.