Video Shows Off PS5 Slim Case

The PS5 Slim ain’t all that slim

Video shows PS5 Slim case

The PS5 Slim seems inevitable at this point considering its existence was leaked by Microsoft during its court case with the FTC. An image also appeared online purportedly showing off the new design of the PS5 Slim, or at least part of it.

Now a video has emerged which gives us a much better look at the new PS5 Slim.

The PS5 Slim doesn’t look all that slimmer than the original PS5 but from the video, it does look like it has less width. The video, posted to Twitter by Better Way Electronics, an Australian electronics company shows the PS5 Slim case as having grooves or slits on the design.

The video also shows a disc drive attached. If rumours are correct, the disc drive should be detachable and the PS5 Slim may ship without a disc drive. The poster of the video states that the new SKU of the PS5 Slim is CFI-2016. The poster notes that the SKU does not have the lettered A or B designations for disc or digital so this would lend to the rumour that it will indeed launch without a disc drive.

It is assumed that a disc drive will be sold separately should you want to play physical, disc games.

Sony is yet to officially confirm or announce the PS5 Slim but if the information Microsoft provided to the FTC is accurate then it is supposed to launch later this year.