After 5 Years of Development, Broken Mind Launches on June 21st on PS4, PS5

Action Survival Horror from 2BAD Games hits PlayStation in June

Broken Mind key art

Tony De Lucia of 2BAD GAMES has been a very busy developer. He has recently brought us the excellent side-scrolling beat ’em up Brutal Rage amongst others. But now the talented indie developer is set to release his biggest project ever – Broken Mind, which is coming to PS4 & PS5.

After 5 years of development, Tony De Lucia of 2BAD GAMES will be launching Broken Mind on June 21st.

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Broken Mind is an action survival horror game in which you play as Agent Frank Morgan, a detective with a dark past. Agent Morgan will have to investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl who has been abducted during a live internet broadcast. The investigation takes is hastened when the teenage girl’s phone emits a signal a few miles away in the middle of a Forrest.

From the trailers I have seen of Broken Mind, it looks like the game has a great mix of first-person combat with some puzzle-solving thrown in. And it sounds like the story will be pretty interesting and perhaps terrifying.

5 years in the Making

Broken Mind seems to be quite the labour of love for Tony De Lucia and 2BAD GAMES. The game has been in development for five years and has over 1000 handmade drawings. And a lot of “I delete everything and start over” De Lucia told PlayStation Fanatic.

In a recent Tweet, De Lucia said that about two years ago he decided to change the graphical style of Broken Mind from pixel art to hand-drawn. He said it was the best decision he ever made and could not be happier with the result. As you can see from the screenshots above and the concept images below, the hand-drawn art style is certainly looking really good.

Broken Mind will also feature voice-over work that took many hours of casting and recording with actors. There are also over 130 3D object models in the game. Not to mention a lot of “back and forth” between himself and the platform holders. And there were a lot of sleepless nights as well De Lucia says.

Broken Mind will be out on June 21st

Broken Mind will be out on PS4, PS5, Xbox and Switch on June 21st, so save the date. The game will be available for $9.99/€9.99 on all consoles. But don’t let the low price put you off. If 2BAD GAMES’ previous titles are anything to go by, Broken Mind will be pretty damn good.

Not only has Tony De Lucia put a lot of time into Broken Mind, but it sounds like he’s also put in a lot of blood, sweat, tears and passion. So my bet is on Broken Mind being something pretty special.

And just in case you forgot already, Broken Mind will be coming to PS4 and PS5 on June 21st.