Broken Mind Gets An Official Trailer

2BAD GAMES release a new trailer for their upcoming survival horror game Broken Mind

Broken Mind gets official trailer

2BAD GAMES have released an official trailer for their next game. Broken Mind is a narrative thriller with elements of survival horror thrown in. It is the Brutal Rage developer’s biggest project to date and will hopefully be making its way to PlayStation consoles in the near future.

I’ve written about Boken Mind previously and thought it sounded pretty good, even when there wasn’t much more information available. With the release of this new trailer, we get to see some of the gameplay and action.

It looks like 2BAD GAMES’ Tony De Lucia has opted for a first-person view and the trailer shows some of the puzzle-solving elements that will be present in the game. Broken Mind certainly seems to have a bit of a dark tone to it. In the first scene in the trailer, we see the main character, Frank Morgan about to blow his brains out. Before he gets a call to take on a new case, a case of an abducted teenage girl.

Broken Mind is expected to release this year on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Tony De Lucia of 2BAD GAMES previously told PlayStation Fanatic that the game is on track for a 2022 release on PS4 with a PS5 version following shortly after.

“It’s my biggest project so far! It will be available on PS4 for the launch (in 2022 )”

We can’t wait to see what more Broken Mind has to offer.