Arrowhead CEO Addresses Recent Helldivers 2 Log-In Issues

For Liber-Tea

Helldivers 2 screenshot

Arrowhead Game Studio CEO & Helldivers 2 Creative Director @Pilestedt has released a statement about the recent server maintenance and subsequent log-in issues that players faced.

The Creative Director and CEO thanked players for their patience during the server maintenance. During this period, Arrowhead deployed three “rapid fixes” that sought to improve rewards at the end of missions and other server issues.

The message to the community was posted 20 hours ago and it says that log-in issues remain. Although I was able to log in shortly after posting this article.

I logged on to Helldivers 2 earlier and it does seem that the login issues have subsided. Time to go and spread democracy.

The message says that the problem with rewards was “mitigated but not resolved” and that additional server maintenance is required.

Helldivers 2 is out now on PS5 and PC.