As the Rest of the World Struggles to Find a PS5, It Looks Like Bahrain Has Them All

Bahrain has so many PS5s they are building walls with them

Photo of PS5 stock in Bahrain

PS5 consoles are still really, really hard to find, everywhere except Bahrain in the Middle East that is. There are still literally millions of people trying to get hold of a PS5 and there seems no end in sight to the shortage of Sony’s newest console.

Here in the UK, Europe and the United States, PS5s seem to be rarer than Britain getting sunshine the entire Summer.

But no in the Kingdom of Bahrain though. Bahrain seems to have so many PlayStation 5 consoles that they’re starting to build walls with them.

A Twitter user by the name of @SolidNSnake1985 recently posted a couple of pictures from what appears to be inside a retail store in Bahrain.

The pictures show a huge wall of digital and disc editions of the PS5. By my count, there are at least 72 disc edition PS5s and at least 52 Digital Edition PS5s. That is a shed load of PlayStation 5 consoles. So many PS5s in fact that Bahrain has decided to just build a wall out of them. Just for the fun of it.

It seems that perhaps Sony has maybe misrouted some shipments of the PlayStation 5 meant for other countries. And they have accidentally turned up in Bahrain, as the translated text from the tweet says “PS5 shipments to Bahrain do not stop.”

And here’s another one from Bahrain, again building walls out of their PS5 stock. At this point, I think they are just rubbing our noses in it.

Good for Bahrain I suppose, but maybe you could share some with the rest of the world?

Source & Image Credit: @SolidNSnake1985 on Twitter